December 4th, 2017

We have just finished a new house we have been working on for the last two years, and the clients are about to move in. Here are a couple of completion day photographs of the landing area at first floor level, with a purpose made bookshelf providing the backdrop. An oak circular stair is a central feature of the house and climbs from basement through to first floor.


September 20th, 2017

247 monasteryA little boasting here…how many architectural practices are able to say that their current workload includes, simultaneously, both a new build small Islamic prayer building, and a new building for Buddhist monks for their tea meetings, ablutions and laundry?
The prayer building is virtually complete but awaits the interior decoration work, which is not in our hands. It’s a single storey structure that appears a bit like a pavilion within in a large garden landscape, and utilises Islamic geometry as the inspiration of its plan. Its rather private which prevents us from including pictures with this blog.
The Chithurst Buddhist monastery building scheme is now with the South Downs National Park planning authority for approval. It links onto existing structures and will have an oak frame structure combined with natural stone reclaimed from a previous building.

The CDM (Construction Design and Management) regulations were updated in 2015, redefining the client’s Health and Safety responsibilities and creating a new mandatory role of ‘Principal Designer’ for all building projects. The domestic project exemptions under the previous regime have gone. The Principal Designer’s role is to coordinate and manage the design aspects of the project, in respect of Health and Safety. Noel has now completed the RIBA’s own Principal Designer training course and passed the associated exam.

In summary, the client for a project has a legal responsibility to ensure that the Health and Safety implications of his or her project are properly dealt with. The Principal Designer must coordinate and manage the design aspects, and convey information to the contractor who will carry out the work.  Noel Wright Architects are now accredited as  competent to carry out this function.