Balcony over Beach, Chichester Harbour


We first looked at this some years ago but could not achieve planning permission. Although the overall arrangement looks like it shouldn’t be too difficult we learnt that anything so clearly in the public eye and on the edge of Chichester Harbour brings controversy with it. We now have planning permission, with help from planning consultant Lisa Jackson (Jackson Planning), and some rethinking of our design. The balcony replaces an awkward looking set of steps that jut out into the foreshore so we have argued that the balcony represents an improvement. The steps down to the beach can be withdrawn , leaving the beach clear, and potentially of benefit in respect of the security of the house. The highest tides lap well up the sea wall and on these occasions the balcony and steps need to provide additional sea defence, with the help of washboards fitted in front of door openings. The balcony construction is being currently carried out by a boat builder and uses marine construction detail.