Noel Wright Architects is a RIBA chartered architectural practice, providing services to clients since 1998, largely in the region of Hampshire, West Sussex and peripheral localities. In the main our work has drawn private residential clients attracted by the high quality approach we are able to bring to individual houses and to sensitive environments including national parks, conservation areas, and listed buildings.

Other works include a Buddhist monastery building, a small private mosque, a school hall, a garage for classic racing cars, and others.

Noel Wright, Architect RIBA

Affiliations and memberships

AECB – the Association for environment conscious building.
Passivhaus – Noel is a qualified Passivhaus designer.
RIBA – we are professionally qualified and members of the Royal Institute of British architects.

Better buildings

All our effort is focused on creating things that won’t be ordinary.

Better design – to inspire and uplift the spirits, to exceed expectations,
Better performance – simply the building will work well and be good to use
Better comfort – the building is an environmental modifier that must provide you with exceptional comfort within. Our adherence to Passivhaus principles is at the core of this philosophy.
Better maintenance scenario – buildings that last well, with minimal ongoing cost and need for upkeep, continuing to look good and provide satisfaction.
Better for the environment – well suited to their surroundings and climate, responsible use of energy and resources.


Click here to download further information ‘What is a Passivhaus’ .